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African gang breaks into electronics shop in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

A four-man African gang was on trial on robbery charges, after they had broken into an electronics shop in Dubai and stole 86 iPhones.

The court records point out that the owner had found out about the robbery during last May, after employees alerted him that the front door was broken.

The victim called police and headed to the shop to find that 86 iPhones were missing, worth Dhs354,365, and cash amount of Dhs14,725.

The police arrived at the scene and found out that the gang had broken into the shop using a bolt cutter.

The victim testified that the defendants had damaged surveillance cameras of the shop’s first floor.

The police managed to know how the robbery took place by reviewing cameras of the surrounding shops, and had successfully identified the defendants.

The defendants were placed under arrest and the stolen cash and phones were retrieved by police force.

MANAGER INSULTS ASSOCIATE: A British manager has been accused of issuing insults against his business associate.

Dubai Court of Misdemeanours was told that the defendant, 36, a Dubai diamond company manager, has cost his countryman victim, 41, hundreds of thousands of dirhams in lost deals by damaging his reputation.  The court heard that the accused sent emails to the victim’s clients in August 2019 in which he described him as a conman.  In one email the defendant wrote, “Beware of him, he is a conman. Just call police.”

This happened after the pair agreed on a diamond business deal in 2017.

The defendant, admitted sending the emails.

He said he did so after he transferred money to the claimant as part of the diamond purchase deal but his associate never finalised the contract.

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