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Abu Dhabi shuts down hypermarket for violating food safety standards


Front view of Rishee's The New Gen Hypermarket in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has shut down a hypermarket for violating standard safety protocols.

Rishee's The New Gen Hypermarket LLC in Abu Dhabi, which holds commercial licence No. CN-2638521, violated Law No.(2) of 2008 regarding food safety in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi endangering public health.

The authority’s decision to close the hypermarket came as a result of non-compliance with the cleanliness of the facility in general.

Authorities found dirty equipment, tools and reservation areas in particular.

The hypermarket failed to close sewage openings and maintain cracked floors that made it difficult to clean due to the accumulation of dirt.

It was also found that the hypermarket was not storing the foodstuff in a hygienic manner.

The authorities also detected the presence of insects inside the hypermarket.

The hypermarket was issued three warnings between April 25 and June 07, but failed to take any corrective steps.

The authority confirmed that the administrative closure order will remain in effect until the facility meets all the necessary requirements to ensure the health and safety of food.

The authority called on the public to report any violations they see at any food establishment or whenever they suspect the quality of food items by calling the toll-free number of the Abu Dhabi government 800555 so that the authority’s inspectors can take the necessary action.


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