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Over 84% of UAE population vaccinated against COVID-19

UAE COVID-19 response

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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE has vaccinated 84.66% of the eligible age group (16+) against COVID-19, said an official during weekly briefing on virus situation in the country.

This includes 95.27% of people of 60+ age group, representing the priority group who are more likely to develop complications due to infection.

Official said that UAE believes in the importance of vaccines and the effective role it plays in controlling and reducing the effects of coronavirus.

“The country adopted a vaccine diversity strategy to cover a wide segment of the population which has proved its efficacy in the country’s management of the pandemic,” said official.

“With a successful of the National Vaccination Campaign, the UAE has taken the lead globally,” he said.

“This was made possible through providing the best vaccination options for all segments of society.”

However, official stressed that attending events, exhibitions is limited to vaccinated individuals and participants in clinical trials only.

“All attending event need present a negative PCR test, not older than 48 hours, and follow the precautionary measure such as wearing masks and social distancing.”

“We stress again that vaccinations does not prevent infection but reduces the symptoms and complications. And we call on people to adhering to the precautionary and preventative measures, such as wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, and avoiding gatherings.”

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