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Cook booked for using fake ID to receive money


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

A 22-year-old African cook was booked and prosecuted by the Dubai Public Prosecution on forgery charges, after he used a fake ID to impersonate another person and receive Dhs2,000 from a Dubai exchange shop.

The court records point out that the incident had taken place during February of 2020. The victim filed a police report, stating that his salary was withdrawn from an exchange shop by another person.

He testified saying, “I placed my wallet inside the safety deposit box at work, and discovered that the lock was broken but luckily found my wallet safe.”

“A couple of days later, I head to an exchange shop to receive my Dhs2,000 salary but discovered that my ID was missing, so I used my passport to receive the money,” he added.

Unfortunately for the victim, the exchange shop’s employee broke the bad news that the victim’s money had already been withdrawn.

However, surveillance cameras were reviewed and the victim found out that his salary has been received by his colleague, the defendant, by using his stolen ID.

Police immediately placed the defendant under arrest.

During investigations, he confessed to impersonating the victim and using his stolen card to withdraw his Dhs2,000 salary.

“I withdrew the money then put the victim’s ID back in the safety deposit box before suspicion falls on me,” he said.

The defendant returned the Dhs1,600 out of the stolen money at the police station, and returned the rest of it later.

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