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Facility for children of determination


Many parents of children of determination have welcomed the recently launched Merint Determination Center (MDC).

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

Many parents with children of determination have welcomed the recently launched Merint Determination Center (MDC) offering a wide range of educational and rehabilitation services with affordable fee packages.

The MDC located in Muhaisanah 3, Dubai is an initiative by the Merint Group of companies and aspires to provide an integrated facility offering a holistic and transdisciplinary approach to various programmes such as Early Intervention, School Readiness, Skill Building, Language & Communication Program, Group & Social skills and Recreational activities along with various therapies such as Speech, Occupational, Behaviour and Physio to equip children to reach developmental milestones.

In a recent interview with the Gulf Today, Richa Marwaha, co-founder of Merint Determination Center (MDC), said, “The MDC is an endeavor of Fazal Manekia, Chairman of the Merint Group of Companies, and herself to create a happy space and a safe haven for children with special needs. Merint Group of Companies is a 43-year-old company and MDC was started as a sincere effort to give back to society as most of the services are much affordable for many parents.”

The centre with over 30 students in morning and evening shifts recently resumed its school programme and is running many programmes including Speech ,Occupational , Physiotherapy and School Readiness Programme with the assistance of qualified staff and teachers.

The centre has affordable fee packages, she said, adding that “our centre is a reasonable and affordable centre suitable for people of all income levels strategically placed in the border of Dubai and Sharjah making accessibility a priority. Occupational Speech, Remedial Behaviour and Physiotherapy are the primary requirements for children of special needs and we provide all five. We also have ample outdoor activity space as well a Day School programme.”

Responding to a question, Marwaha said, “We provide individualised education plans for all our children based on their individual academic and cognitive needs which includes all therapies in our Day school programme while our clinical psychologist and team of therapists conduct assessments periodically. Our IEP’s are updated twice a year to reflect progress.”

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