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Asian gang impersonates cops, robs garment firm of over Dhs253,000


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

An Asian gang of five men were apprehended and prosecuted on robbery charges for breaking into a garments company to rob it of over Dhs253,000.

The incident took place last January, when the defendants set their robbery plan and divided roles along them to execute it.

During investigations, an employee of the company testified that one of the defendants had entered the premises and introduced himself as an undercover police officer; followed by the rest of the gang who wore the Emirati national costume and used masks to cover their identity.

After pretending to be Dubai Police officers without showing any credentials, the gang members began to search the place until they found a locked safe.

They asked the employee for the safe’s key, and when he claimed not to have, two of the defendants began to beat him up and search his pockets for the key until it was found.

They opened it and stole Dhs253,000 of the company’s revenue, then locked the employee inside a room and fled the scene.

The employee was later freed by his colleagues and police were alerted about the incident.

Intensive investigations were carried out and police successfully discovered the identity of the defendants using the company’s surveillance cameras.

The gang was arrested one after the other , and confessed to executing the robbery after watching the premises and gathering information about its activity and security procedures. They also confessed to splitting the stolen cash among them.

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred the defendants to criminal court, and its expected for them to receive maximum legal punishment for their crime.

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