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Man on trial for mugging Asian woman in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

A 26-year-old African man was apprehended and prosecuted by Dubai Courts, after robbing a female victim in one of Dubai’s streets.

Official records point out that the thief had startled the victim and attacked her to snatch her Dhs1,500 worth phone.

The 29-year-old victim testified during investigations saying, "I was walking on a sidewalk near a shopping mall in Dubai, when the defendant surprised me and reached out to grab my phone twice.”

The victim attempted to fight back, yet the defendant managed to steal the phone on the third attempt. He fled the scene on foot, and the victim failed to catch him.

A robbery report was filed and police carried out investigations to catch the thief and return the stolen phone back. According to a witness officer’s testimony, a second defendant was placed under arrest after having received a tipoff that the stolen phone was in his possession.

During his arrest, the phone was found inside his pocket, and he admitted to taking the phone from the main defendant. He confessed to taking the phone as a guarantee to get his money back from the defendant, after owing him Dhs1,400.

Asians arrested for stealing electric cables

Two Asians were arrested and referred to the Criminal Court for stealing electric cables worth Dhs50,000, with the the help of another runaway accomplice, from a Dubai’s trading company.

The incident took place in April, when the arresting officer had noticed the defendants transporting the cables onto a vehicle and observed the situation carefully until they were about to move.

This is when the officer pulled them over and asked for their documents, and the second defendant had handed him an ID and vehicle licence of another person thinking he could fool the vigilant police officer.

The officer confronted him and asked about the cables and bolt cutters.

The defendant confessed to breaking into the company and stealing the cables along with the other defendants. One of the defendants fled, while the other two were arrested and prosecuted on robbery charges by Dubai Courts.

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