Video of doctors dancing to the tunes of popular serial during C-section operation sparks anger in Tunis - GulfToday

Video of doctors dancing to the tunes of popular serial during C-section operation sparks anger in Tunis


A videograb shows doctors during during operation.

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In a shocking video that spread has gone viral on social media, a Tunisian medical team appeared dancing and singing on melodies of “El Foundou” serial while performing a Caesarean section for a patient in a hospital located in the capital.

The video was filmed by the medical team itself which sparked widespread anger and shock on social media.

The authorities immediately initiated investigation into the incident.

The 15-second-controversial video went viral on social media, after doctors appeared in Al Jahoui hospital in Beja, in the operation room. They were reportedly performing a Caesarean section on a patient with an open stomach, dancing and swaying to the loud music of the Tunisian serial "El Founduo.”

Later, the incident was broadcast on TikTok by one of the participants in the act.

The video was widely circulated on social media, sparking widespread anger in Tunisia, where the public demanded a trial of the full medical staff on charges of disrespecting the patient's sanctity, and an apparent indifference to the seriousness of the surgery.

The Ministry of Health announced an investigation into the incident.

The hospital’s director, Elias Ammar, revealed some details of the controversial video during an interview with the media.

He said, “We understand the criticisms, but the reasons and circumstances of the filming must also be known. It took place after the end of most stages of the surgery, with the consent of the woman whose condition was somewhat delicate.”

Ammar pointed out that the mother of the infant expressed her joy when she watched her newborn by "Zagrooda, which prompted the medical team to document the moment and express their joy, especially after saving the baby's life.

Ammar further explained that the song was later added on the video, denouncing the criticism of the medical team who works in difficult conditions and suffer from exhaustion during the pandemic.

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