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Two Africans arrested for stealing bicycles


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court heard two cases in which two Africans were accused of stealing three bicycles and selling them to an Asian.

The Asian later offered the stolen items for sale to other people.

According to official records, several reports were received on bicycles being stolen from inside a residential building.  The complainants said their bicycles disappeared, even though they were locked.

Following intensive investigations, two African suspects were arrested. The suspects confessed to having stolen the bicycles using iron scissors and then selling them to a third suspect for Dhs300.

The court ordered the suspects to be remanded in custody pending prosecution.

Recently, the Criminal Court of Dubai heard the first session of a case in which two Asians and two Africans were charged with murdering a security man.

In the indictment submitted by the Public Prosecution, it has been said that the perpetrators tied the victim up before strangling him to death with a tape. At an under construction site in International City, the two Africans connived to steal electric cables and sell them to  two Asians, the court heard.

It was also said the four accused met at the site to complete their plan.

A police officer stated that an investigation team was able to identify the suspects and arrest them, as two of them admitted that they used to steal cables and wires from warehouses and sites under construction, and sell them.

The third and fourth accused confessed to accompanying the first and second to buy the stolen cables from the site, confirming that they did not participate in the murdering the security man at the site.

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