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VIDEO: Bride loses memory as groom drowns on wedding day


A videograb shows drowned car being lifted up by rescue workers.

Gulf Today Report

A Russian wedding ended in tragedy, after a groom decided to drive his car himself, accompanied by his newly-wed wife and female guests.

The car fell off a bridge and 3 including groom died in the accident.

As soon as they left the wedding hall, groom refused to allow one of his friends to drive and took control of the wheel.

Unfortunately, when they reached a  wooden bridge the groom felt that it was collapsing due to the extra weight of the car, he tried to swerve it, but the car fell off the bridge.

Police investigations revealed that the car was carrying the groom, the bride, her two sisters, and several other guests.

According the report in ‘Mirror’ the car belonged to businessman Andrei Bukvitsky, which he was driving himself during his wedding.

The water eventually washed away the bodies of groom and two other victims.

The bride, the only survivor, suffered from memory loss and bruises on her body.

The car doors were locked at the moment of the disaster, but the rear window was shattered as the bridge collapsed, allowing three of those inside the car to escape from the sinking.

The Russian authorities are currently searching for the missing bodies and criminal case was opened in the accident.

The accident occurred in the city of Primorsky, in eastern Russia.

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