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Unvaccinated people’s movement will be restricted in the UAE


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The UAE government has issued a strict warning for non-vaccinated people in the Emirates.

The health authorities said, “Strict measures are being considered to restrict the movement of unvaccinated individuals and to implement preventive measures such as restricting entry to some places and having access to some services, to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

“We call on the public, both citizens and residents above the age of 16 who did not get vaccinated, to visit the nearest vaccination center and get the vaccine.”

The authorities also said, “We stress on the fact that it is necessary and important that all groups, above the age of 16, eligible for vaccination must get vaccinated in order to reach full recovery and protect society form the mutated virus and prevent serious complications.”

Dubai The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

In line with the health sector’s plan to provide the COVID-19 vaccine and to achieve acquired immunity, the focus on the coming period will be in vaccinating everyone.

Authorities said, “Delaying or refraining from taking the vaccine will pose a threat to the safety of society and put all groups, especially those most vulnerable to infection, as it poses a major challenge to the national efforts to recover.”

For individuals with medical conditions, we recommend that seeing a specialist doctor in one of the medical centers approved by health authorities to determine whether vaccination is possible according to the health status of each person.

Al-Qasba-750x450 A bird’s eye view of Al Qasba in Sharjah.

“We call on everyone to learn information and scientific facts about vaccines from official sources and concerned authorities and not to spread any inaccurate information on this topic,” the experts said.

The Health Ministry said, “We are all responsible towards society and have a role in preserving its health and safety and supporting all national efforts to move towards recovery and to return to normal life and regular activities.

“Your hesitation today is an obstacle to our goals, it puts your family, loved ones and community at risk. Receiving the vaccine will contribute to immunizing and protecting this community from this epidemic. The vaccine is our best means to recover and return to a normal life.”


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The Health Ministry said, “We are seeing a positive and reassuring reality. All groups of society are about to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and people of determination have priority. However, doses of the vaccine do not exempt us from adhering to the precautionary measures during Ramadan.

“They had a remarkable presence and supportive and influential achievements in facing the repercussions of COVID-19.”

The authorities said, “We have more than 1500 people of determination (PoD) who are officially registered on http://volunteers.ae. They are ready, motivated, and able, with all will and determination, to provide volunteer services worthy of "PoD.”

People of determination have a system of "education, rehabilitation, evaluation, diagnosis, and remote production" in all PoD’s government and private centers and in early intervention centers and units.

Dubai-Creek-1 A bird’s eye view of Dubai Creek.

These are the results of a fruitful remote learning and rehabilitation experience.

In a study of the teachers' experience with remote education for PoDs during COVID-19, which included government and private centers and schools, 28 positive results were observed related to students, family, teaching staff and the teaching process in general.

According to the Ministry of Community Development database in the recruitment platform for PoDs, the number of PoDs working in various emirates reached 2,310 by the end of 2020. The number represents PoDs of various conditions & nationalities

There are ongoing campaigns and services to vaccinate PoDs and their families as a priority. Furthermore, a “hybrid” of treatment and physical exercise is being provided, in addition to remote mental and social via calls and apps.

The "Protect Your Health" programme has been launched, an on ongoing initiative targeting PoDs whose weight were affected by quarantine.

PoDs are encouraged to practice physical exercises at home and following a nutritious diet.

The smart app "WithMyFamily" has been approved for early intervention for children under the age of 6. And the home education guide for families was launched to enable them to provide a set of teaching and education skills for children of determination.

A home testing guide was launched for the parents of PoDs to follow the necessary instructions while their children are being tested by medical personnel at home.

The “Rest Assured” guide for mental health aid was provided, to detect any psychological, behavioural, and emotional symptoms that PoDs may exhibit in emergency and crisis situations.

The ministry said, “We call on community members to cooperate and adhere to preventive measures to combat the COVID during the Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr, as public health is a priority and a social responsibility.”

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