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Arab employee arrested for assaulting Asian nurse in Dubai


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

A 32-year-old man, Gulf national, was arrested and referred to criminal court for assaulting an Asian nurse inside one of Dubai’s hospitals.

The incident dates back to last September, when the 43-year-old nurse ,who works in a government hospital, filed an assault report against the defendant.

Upon her testimony, she was doing her job when the defendant approached and asked her whether she had lately transferred a patient to the hospital. The nurse said she did, and was suddenly slapped and attacked by the defendant.

The victim’s colleagues separated the defendant from the victim to end the beating.

The victim sustained a 2% permanent disability as her hearing was affected by the assault.

After the defendant was placed under arrest, he claimed to be in a state of shock as his father sustained a neck injury and passed away.

The defendant’s brothers informed him that the paramedics have failed to provide necessary care for the father, which lead to his death.

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