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Dubai officials raid salon, restaurant for violating COVID-19 rules


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Dubai officials have raided 2 businesses r violating COVID-19 measures put up by the authorities to combat the spread of coronavirus in the country.

The Dubai Municipality said that the total commitment rate reached 98 per cent in the emirate, the number of inspection visits reached 2,393, 2 establishments were closed, and 35 warnings were made.

The municipality said, “A salon closed in Al Karama due to overcrowding and for violating health and personal hygiene practices.

“A food establishment closed in Dubai Investments Park for violating social distancing.”   


Dubai Municipality strengthened its inspection campaigns on establishments to ensure their commitment to precautionary measures.

Earlier this month, the Dubai Municipality closed a salon and three food establishments for their failure to comply with the precautionary measures.

The inspectors fined seven establishments, while issued warning notices against other 37.

Dubai Economy said that during the month of February, 10 businesses were closed, 93 were warned and 246 were fined for not following precautionary measures set to limit COVID-19.

Dubai Economy emphasizes on the importance of following the measures and report any violation.

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