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Dhs10,000 fine for littering building materials in public places


A bird’s eye view of the Abu Dhabi skyline.

Emaduddin Khalil, Staff Reporter

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi stated that the fine of throwing residues of building materials in non-dedicated area is Dhs10,000.

“Throwing waste and building materials in public places distorts the cultural appearance of the city.” the municipality said.

It affirmed within a comprehensive awareness campaign launched by the Department of Municipalities and Transport in early March under the slogan "The beauty of our city lies within its cleanliness" to stress the need to maintain the cultural appearance to preserve the health and safety of all. The campaign also aimed to support efforts to make Abu Dhabi a clean and safe place.

The municipality has warned of burning the waste in construction sites, indicating that the fine of this act is Dhs5,000.

“Workers at the public residential buildings must perform periodic maintenance for waste rooms or a fine of Dhs100 will be imposed on them, except for people working at the private residential units.” The municipality warned.

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