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Arab sentenced to 6 months in jail for forging vehicle export certificate in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced an unemployed Arab man to 6 months in jail, followed by deportation, for forging a vehicle export certificate with the help of other accomplices in Dubai.

One of defendants on the forgery case was also acquitted during the same court hearing.

The incident took place during July of 2020, when the victim had posted on an online car sale website to sell his vehicle.

He testified that he was contacted by a woman who was interested in the purchase and had agreed to meet for vehicle inspection.

However, at the meeting point, two men showed up and introduced themselves as a car mechanic, while the other claimed to be the real buyer who will complete the purchase based on mechanic’s report.

The purchase was set to be for Dhs165,000, and a sale contract was written after the victim had received a cheque with the mentioned amount.

After delivering the car and attempting to cash the cheque, the victim found that it was issued through a closed account.

He filed a police report on the scam and robbery of his vehicle.

Investigation teams gathered leads on the defendants and placed them under arrest, to be prosecuted by the criminal court.

They confessed to committing the scam, and offering the car for sale for Dhs34,000, which was later bought by Arab defendant for Dhs69,000 who was fully aware of the documents invalidity.

The Arab defendant confessed to buying the vehicle for the acquitted defendant, and forging a certificate to export it to another country with two other vehicles. 

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