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Maid booked for stealing Dhs5,000, household items from employer's villa in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

A 33-year-old Asian maid was booked and prosecuted by Dubai Courts for robbing her employer of Dhs5,000 and other personal belongings inside a Dubai villa.

The case details date back to Deccember last year when the female employer discovered that Dhs5,000 were missing from her purse and began to look for the money around the house.

After inquiring about the money with all her family members, the victim asked her maid also about the missing wallet.

The defendant suggested the victim might have lost the wallet at the marketplace where she went for shopping.

After going back to the marketplace and reviewing surveillance cameras to know if the wallet was robbed by a thief, the victim still failed to find it.

The robbery was reported to police, who arrived to the villa and began to search the defendant’s room as well as the kitchen, yet the wallet was nowhere to be found.

On the following day, the maid informed the victim that she had found the wallet at the majlis area outside the villa.

This is when victim doubted that the maid being behind the theft and decided to take her to the police station.

Being scared of getting caught, the defendant offered the victim Dhs3,000 in return for her passport, and promised to leave the country.

After her offer was rejected, the defendant locked herself inside the kitchen as she was scared of being arrested.

Eventually, police officers arrived and arrested her.

A day later, female officers were assigned to search the defendant’s room, and found clothes and bags, a blow dryer, medical masks and tea boxes, as well as a blender that were missing from the house.

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