Arab man sentenced to 3 years in jail and fined Dhs787,000 for embezzlement in Dubai - GulfToday

Arab man sentenced to 3 years in jail and fined Dhs787,000 for embezzlement in Dubai


Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

An Arab manager was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, and a Dhs787,000 fine for forgery and embezzlement in the company he worked at in Dubai.

Official records reveal that the company’s accounting department has discovered the defendant’s illegal actions after finding forged payment receipts.

The defendant worked at the company since 2014 and until 2017; using his authority to manipulate documents and embezzle various amount of money entrusted to him to carry out the company’s transactions.

The company confronted the defendant with his crimes. He admitted to embezzling the amounts then signed cheques to return back the money.

Manipulating his way out of trouble again, the cheques passed by the defendant were found to be dud.

A police report was filed against him, and he was arrested and prosecuted for committing the crime.

On the other hand, a manager and his runaway assistant were prosecuted by Dubai courts for forging receipts to embezzle Dhs818,000 from a Dubai institution.

The incident dates back to last July, when the institution’s representative filed a police report against the manager and his assistant for embezzling money from the mother company.

The representative testified that the institution runs 55 companies, and he was called in by the owner to explain a Dhs1,000 difference of a receipt value.

The employee was assigned to verify the missing amount with the accounting department.

When the runaway assistant was asked about the money, he confessed to forging receipts with the help of the manager.

The company found out that 180 receipts were forged during a span of 4 years, which enabled the defendants to embezzle Dhs818,000 without getting caught.

After they were caught with the forged receipts, the runaway defendant filed a police report claiming that his passport was missing, and was able to issue a passport and flee without a trace.

The second defendant had also sent an e-mail to several employees in attempt to clear himself  from the committed crime, claiming that he had found out about his manager’s embezzlement of money since 2019 and he was pressured by the manager not to report the incident.

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