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Arab gets 6-month jail, Dhs1,500 fine for impersonating a cop in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


An Arab worker was sentenced to 6 months in jail and was imposed with a fine of Dhs1,500 for impersonating a police officer to rob an Asian victim in Dubai.

During last November, the victim filed a robbery report, claiming that the defendant approached him and his brother in a shopping mall’s parking lot, and introduced himself as an undercover police officer.

The defendant suddenly slapped the victims and asked them to show their IDs. Once the victim took out his wallet, the defendant grabbed it and fled the scene.

The thief managed to flee with Dhs1,500 and bank cards, but was successfully arrested by police within a record time.


In a separate incident last November two Arab men aged 24 and 33, gulf national, were arrested and referred to criminal court for impersonating police officers and robbing two victims of their belongings in Dubai.


Africans impersonate police officers and rob man in Dubai

Two Asians impersonate cops kidnap and rob a man in Dubai

Arab impersonate police officer rob Asians of Dhs1500 in Dubai

Official records indicate that the two defendants had planned to steal some vehicle’s plate number in order to commit their robbery.

Afterwards, they head to the streets fishing for victims. Not far long, they found the two victims walking down one of Dubai’s streets.

The defendants stopped by the two victims, and one got out of the vehicle and showed some fake identification, imposing as an undercover police officer.

He asked the victims to get inside their vehicle, and as soon as they did, the defendant asked them to clear their pockets from all their belonging.

The victims gave up their two phones and an amount of Dhs1,500, without doubting the defendants’ story.


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