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UAE vaccination drive covered 40% of the population

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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter


The UAE has covered over 40 per cent of the population as part of its campaign to achieve the 50 per cent mark in the National Vaccination drive. 


The Health Ministry made the statement during a media briefing on the latest development on coronavirus situation in the country.


A new global health achievement by providing more than 5 million COVID-19 doses at a rate of 52.56 doses per 100 people.


While the number of tests exceeded 28 million, an UAE achievement, which confirms its ability to handle the pandemic.


The health officials said, “The Ministry of Health continues to provide the COVID-19 vaccine, with a priority to senior citizens, individuals with chronic diseases and people of determination, in addition to all individuals who are eligible to take the second dose.



“We have successfully reached a rate of 48.46% of vaccinations within the elderly segment, a notable achievement to reach the acquired immunity, which helps in reducing the number of cases and complications resulting from the disease to the control of the pandemic.


“The vaccine was also provided to 40.48% of the total population in the country, which is in line with the plan to provide the vaccine to 50% of the total population during the first quarter of this year.”


The authorities said, “We emphasize the importance of mental wellness and providing the necessary mental support to all segments of society especially children and the elderly and educating them about positive practices and activities supporting mental wellness.”

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