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COVID-19 infection after first dose due to not sufficient immunity in the human body


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE health officials said that they have recorded infections among individuals after the first dose of vaccine.

The officials said most of recorded infections are after the first dose and due to exposure to the virus from the community before the formation of sufficient immunity in the body to prevent the disease, which is expected to be reached at least two weeks after the second dose.

Authorities said, “We advise all individuals to commit to taking the second dose, to ensure the highest rate of prevention of the disease, and to continue preventive measures even after taking both doses.”

Expo-Vaccine-2 A resident receives a vaccine shot at Sharjah Expo Centre. File

If symptoms are moderate or severe and require hospitalisation, then we advise individuals to see their doctor and perform the necessary immunity test to determine whether a second dose is needed.

Health officials said, “For people who have been infected after taking the first dose, and in case of asymptomatic or minor symptoms, we advise them to complete the second dose after full recovery.”

Authorities said, “There is no doubt that vaccines are the best way to defeat this pandemic, and the higher the vaccination rate in society, the higher the immunity rate in this society and therefore the closer we reach recovery, the closer we are to reaching collective immunity.”

Health officials have advised people to follow the precautionary measures laid out by the UAE government. People have been urged to follow social distancing at all times and wear facemasks in public places and outdoor arenas.

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