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Jail term and deportation for Asians who assaulted a Dubai driver


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced 2 Asian men, and another runaway accomplice, to a year in jail followed by deportation for committing assault and attempted robbery charges.


Official records indicate that the defendants had followed the victim to his residence and headed towards his parked vehicle to execute their robbery plan.

One of the defendants asked the victim to give up his phone and cash, but the victim refused and fought back.


The driver tried to escape the scene, but the runaway defendant grabbed him and they all took part in beating the victim up until he fell unconscious.

Witnesses attempted to interfere and save the victim, and the defendants were able to flee the crime scene.


The victim was transferred to the nearest hospital and sustained a 4% permanent disability according to police reports.


On Feb.1, the Dubai Criminal Court has addressed a kidnap and robbery case, involving an Asian gang of 9 men who impersonated police officers to kidnap a company owner, and stole Dhs1.9 million from his office in Dubai.


The incident dates back to September of 2020, when the victim reported that he was kidnapped and robbed by a gang, then left at Dubai’s International City.

The victim testified that three defendants had visited his office, claiming to be police officers, and asked for the company’s trade licence.


The victim explained that the licence was in the possession of his partner to carry out renewal procedures.


He tried to contact his partner, but one of the defendants grabbed his phone and company keys, and asked the victim and another employee to accompany them to their vehicle.


The five other defendants were waiting outside the company in three different vehicles.


The scared victim asked on what charges he was arrested, and the gang mentioned that he will know everything once he is taken to the police station.

Arriving at International City in Dubai, the victim asked for water, so the gang pulled over to a supermarket and easily told the two victims to go buy while they waited outside.


Apparently, the gang left the victims stranded while they headed back to company to break into the safe and steal Dhs1.9 million.


Police learnt about the incident and successfully arrested 8 defendants, search is on for their accomplice.

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