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VIDEO: Dhs500 and 4 black points for trucks and buses moving during fog in Abu Dhabi

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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter


The Traffic and Patrols Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police calls on owners of heavy vehicles, trucks, buses as well as on owners and officials at companies transporting labourers to alert drivers of these types of vehicles to abide by the decision banning their movement during foggy weather and to enhance precautionary measures to avoid traffic accidents, to ensure everyone's safety.


Violating buses and trucks moving on the roads during the fog time will get a fine of Dhs500 and 4 blacks points according to the article No104 of the decree No. 178 of 2017 regarding driving in times of fog in violation of the instructions of the concerned authority.


Intermittent fog blanketed separate areas of the UAE on Monday morning.


The fog started at 11pm on Sunday, and continued until 10am on Monday, due to high surface air depression, accompanied by a high air extension in the upper layers of the atmosphere.


Abu Dhabi Police activated the system of reducing speeds to 80km/h on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid and Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid (Abu Dhabi - Dubai), Sheikh Khalifa International Street (Mafraq - Al Ghuwaifat), Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed (Yas - Saadiyat), on the Trucks Road (Al Faya), and on the Abu Dhabi - Al Ain Road (Al Wathba - Al Khatim) for 9 and a hlf hours, starting from 12:30am until 10:00 next day.

Dhs400 fine for covering licence plate

Abu Dhabi Police called on drivers not to hide their licence plate data in any way, such as by carrying bicycles, or other items with which it is impossible to monitor plate numbers or distinguish the category and source.


The police stated that Article 27 (b) of the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law stipulates that the perpetrators of actions that may lead to "lack of clarity of vehicle plate numbers" will be fined a fine Dhs 400, and stressed the keenness to intensify traffic control and take legal measures in violation of any vehicle that does not comply with the clarification of numbers in accordance with the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law.


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