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African manager jailed for using and gifting drugs to her accomplice in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


A female African manager, aged 24, was arrested and prosecuted on drug trafficking charges, after she was caught facilitating drugs to another accomplice in Dubai.


The incident dates back to last October, after police received a tip-off about the accomplice’s drug use in one of Dubai’s hotels.


An anti-narcotics team ambushed the accomplice and busted him in possession of drugs that were hidden inside a safe.


He admitted to using drugs and claimed to have gotten it from the female defendant as a gift.


The female defendant was arrested at the same hotel as her accomplice, and confessed to buying the drugs for Dhs200 and gifting some of it to her accomplice.

In January, two African men, aged 24 and 29, were jailed and referred to the criminal court for attempting to smuggle 2.6kg of marijuana drugs into Dubai Airport.

Official records point out that the first defendant had arranged to smuggle the drugs into the country, and deliver it to the second defendant once he arrived.

But luckily, customs officers suspected the travelling defendant who had hid 12 wraps of marijuana inside a plastic bag. The officers noticed that the bag was overweighed, so they asked the defendant about its contents.

The defendant claimed that the bag contained food products only, but when the officers searched it, they found that the marijuana was wrapped to trick them into thinking that it is a part of the food.

After placing the defendant under arrest, he claimed that a woman in his home country had given him the bag to deliver it to her brother, the second defendant, and that he had no clue it carried marijuana drugs.

The captured defendant stated that his only contact with the second defendant was through WhatsApp.

Both of them were arrested and prosecuted on drug trafficking charges, and a long period of jail term is expected as a punishment for their crime.

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