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DHA issues circular to health facilities over virus test

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Iman Abdullah Al Ali, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) issued a circular to all licensed health facilities in Dubai dealing with testing of COVID-19.

The DHA stressed in its circular that the time between taking lab test samples for a COVID-19 test until the issuance of the result and their inclusion in “Hasana” system must not exceed 48 hours. The Authority emphasised the necessity to adhere to the guidelines for updating the standards of COVID-19 test, including all directives concerned with reporting the results of the test. The DHA said it is a must to report the results of the tests and update them on the electronic platform “Hasana” instantly. This circular will be enforced as of Jan.31, DHA affirmed.

The authority also issued a circular on updating the standards of laboratory test of COVID-19, in line with the precautionary and preventive measures generally taken by the UAE, and Dubai in particular.

The circular stressed the need to adhere to the new update by all health facilities and professionals licensed by the DHS, and to strictly adhere to the update to avoid any violations that may be imposed in this regard.

Dhs51,000 charge for releasing impounded vehicle: Meanwhile, the Abu Dhabi Police have warned motorists about the fines for jumping a red light.

According to Law No. (5) of 2020 AD regarding the seizure of vehicles in Abu Dhabi, the fine for jumping the red light is Dhs1,000 and 12 traffic points and the vehicle is seized for 30 days.

The financial value for releasing the impounded vehicle and the seized licence is Dhs50,000.

The authorities said that the vehicle would remain seized until the payment is made to release the vehicle within a period of three months.

In the event of non-payment of dues, the vehicle shall be referred for sale in the public auction.

Abu Dhabi Police also warned drivers of the dangers of being distracted while making calls with mobile phones , which leads to sudden swerving.

The Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Central Operations Sector stated that the number of violations of being distracted from the road while driving a vehicle in any form were 30,606 violations during the year 2020, which are classified among the serious violations, which lead to deaths and serious injuries on the roads in Abu Dhabi.

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