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Africans prosecuted for using fake $1,000 to buy phones and perfumes


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred two Africans to the criminal court for using fake money to purchase items and scam a salesman in Dubai.

The incident occurred in an electronics and accessories shop, when the female defendant approached the salesman to enquire about phone prices, while the male defendant waited for the information to carry out the scam.


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The two of them left the shop and returned after two hours with a fake $1,000 note to buy phones, watches and perfumes.

They immediately left the store after the purchase, thinking they had gotten away with their crime.

When the salesman tried to exchange the money for dirhams, he found out that the notes were fake and filed a police report against the defendants.

The female defendant was identified and arrested, while her accomplice is still on the run.

They were both referred to the criminal court on forgery and scam charges, and maximum punishment is expected for them.

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