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Watch Emirates pilots make the smoothest touchdown


A videograb shows the aircraft approaching the runway.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

Emirates Airline has shared a video of an Airbus A380 landing with elegance.

The video shows the giant aircraft touching down smoothly on the runway.

Emirates captioned the video, “Landing in style 😎✈️”
Emirates is the world’ largest operator of the A380 aircraft, with over 100 double-decker aircraft flying to 49 cities on 6 continents on scheduled services.

Twitterati were excited about the release of the video.  

Paul Pegler said on Twitter, “Had the pleasure of flying on the A380 last year! Absolute bliss! No noise, no shaking in turbulence and you didn’t know whether you were taking off or landing! Superb Aircraft!”

L. Joseh1 said, “They have the best service and food. I know because I flew Emirates from SFO to UAE R/T. Can't wait to fly Emirates again. After Covid pandemic, I hope.”

Alain said, “Can't wait to be aboard one of your friendly whales again... hopefully 3rd quarter...”

Omar Al Shammari said, “That was one smooth landing, loved it.”


Emirates’ First Class experience on its A380 provides passengers with an unprecedented level of privacy and thoughtful touches of luxury with more than 1,400 A380 First Class suites.

As the largest operator of the Airbus A380, Emirates’ engineering division, based in Dubai, has become a global leader in A380 maintenance.

The airline operates modern, extensive facilities that include seven heavy maintenance hangars and four light maintenance hangars that can all accommodate the A380.

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