African gang lures man through fake massage service, robs him of Dhs40,500 in Dubai - GulfToday

African gang lures man through fake massage service, robs him of Dhs40,500 in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

A 27-year-old African woman was arrested and referred to criminal court, along with six runaway accomplices, for brutally assaulting a man and robbing him of Dhs40,500 inside one of Dubai’s apartments.

The incident dates back to November last year when the defendant lured the victim through a massage service advertisement on WhatsApp, and had sent him a fake photo of a Russian woman.

The victim didn't suspect anything wrong, and instantly contacted the defendant to receive a massage service.


Accordingly, the defended gave him address of an apartment.

Once the victim knocked the apartment’s door, the defendant opened and without a notice pulled him inside


The victim found himself surrounded with defendant and her 6 accomplices.

The defendant grabbed the victim from the back to restrain his movement, and the other accomplices began to brutally beat him while asking for his wallet and money.

The defendants took victim’s phone and credit card, then pressured him to get credit card’s password to withdraw the cash.

The gang stole Dhs500 from the victim’s wallet, and withdrew Dhs40,000 from his credit card, then let him leave the apartment after robbing all he has.

The victim immediately rushed to police to report the robbery incident, and gave descriptions of the defendants and the apartment he was held in.

Investigations revealed the whereabouts of the apprehended defendant, and police managed to place her under arrest.

The defendant denied knowing any information about the other runaway accomplices, and she is now facing robbery and assault charges for committing such heinous crime.

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