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Man embezzles Dhs787,000 using forged papers


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

An Arab manager, aged 34, was arrested and referred to the criminal court for forging official documents to embezzle Dhs787,000 from the company he worked in.

The incident dates back to December of 2014, when the company’s accountant discovered forged bills issued by the defendant.

The accountant testified during investigations that the defendant had issued false amounts rather than should be paid for government institutions, and embezzled various amounts over a span of three years of his employment.

The company’s Public Relations (PR) officer testified that proofs of the defendant’s embezzlement and committed forgery were found after the company’s review of bills and payments to government institutions.

Police arrested the defendant, as he confessed to embezzling Dhs787,000 and using dud cheques.

Recently, in a separate development, the Dubai Criminal Court sentenced two Arab bank employees to five years behind bars, and deportation, and imposed a fine of Dhs150,000 on them for committing forgery and embezzling $140,000 from a customer.

The incident took place in September 2018, when a bank customer, the victim, received a text message indicating $140,000 had been withdrawn from his account.

The victim contacted the bank and learned the money was transferred to the second defendant’s account. Investigations revealed before the robbery took place, the victim had visited the bank to transfer cash, and was later contacted by the second defendant who requested him to meet.

Apparently, the defendant forged the amount on the customer’s transaction request, and changed it to Dhs140,000.

With the help of his accomplice, the defendant managed to transfer the amount by forging the customer’s signature.

The bank’s cashier also testified that the first defendant, who worked as a customer service representative, was one of the employees authorised to issue transfer requests and carry out customers’ information updates, and this made it easy for him to forge the victim’s signature and transfer the stolen amount. The two will now be deported after spending five years of jail-time and paying a Dhs150,000 fine.

Earlier this month, the Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an Asian manager to 6 months of jail time, followed by deportation, for forging official documents and promoting counterfeit currency in Dubai.

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