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Children below 15 can travel as a third passenger in Dubai taxis


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The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) tweeted that the passengers allowed in regular taxis in Dubai has been increased to three, if the third passenger is a child, up to 14 years old, of the passenger.

The number of passengers earlier allowed in taxis had been restricted to two due to coronavirus pandemic.


However, due to precautions for COVID-19, the passenger seat next to the taxi driver must remain empty. “If you commute in taxis, you can now accompany your child (up to 14 years old) as a third passenger in the vehicle without using the seat next to the driver. The number of authorised passengers in the three-row family vehicle (Van) remains 4, as a maximum, until further notice,” the RTA tweeted.


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In September, Dubai taxi vans were allowed to take a total four passengers if the travel is booked via Hala, the joint venture ride-hailing app between RTA and Careem.

Each of the two rows of seats for passengers in the vans is allowed to take two passengers (a total of four for both rows) to maintain social distancing.

The total number of recorded coronavirus cases in the UAE are 200,892.

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