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UAE Fatwa Council allows use of anti-coronavirus vaccines


Asif Khan Fazle Subhan from RTA receives the shot at a medical centre in Dubai on Wednesday. WAM

 UAE Fatwa Council, under the chairmanship of Shaykh Abdallah Bin Bayyah, has issued a 'fatwa' (Islamic ruling) allowing the coronavirus vaccines to be used in compliance with Islamic Sharia’s objectives on the protection of the human body and other relevant Islamic rulings.

This comes in response to growing concerns among Muslims over the halal status of the COVID vaccines and following a request for an advisory opinion addressed by the Minister of Religious Affairs of Malaysia, to the UAE Fatwa Council on the same subject.

VaccineDubai2A health worker administers a dose of the coronavirus vaccine at a medical centre in Dubai. WAM

"Coronavirus vaccination is classified under preventive medicines for individuals, as recommended by the Islamic faith, particularly in times of pandemic diseases when the healthy happen to be prone to infections due to the high risk of contracting the disease, therefore posing risk to the entire society," the Council explained.

The Fatwa Council added that even though the vaccine in question contains non-halal ingredients banned by Islam, it's permissible to use it in implementation of the Islamic rule that permits the use of such products in case there are no alternatives.


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The council cited the highly contagious nature of the disease as a justification to use the vaccines owning to the dire consequences the pandemic has inflicted in terms of fatal physical and material damage.

The council added that concerned medical authorities and other competent expertise are the ones authorised to assess the side effects of the vaccine, calling upon all to cooperate with their respective governments to ensure the success of vaccination campaigns and respect for the preventive and precautionary measures taken in this regard.

Recently, the UAE Fatwa Council has proclaimed that its stance against terror groups and organisations stem from the UAE leadership's principled vision toward all instigators of violence regardless of their names and messages.

This came during a regular meeting of the council held via video conferencing, and led by Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah, Chairman of the UAE Fatwa Council.

The meeting reviewed the statement of the Council of Senior Scholars of Saudi Arabia, which affirms that Sharia promotes unity and warns against division and rogue groups.


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