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Woman riding bike in wrong direction assaults police officers in Dubai


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes. File/AFP

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution has sentenced an Arab woman to 3 months in jail, followed by deportation for assaulting police officers who wanted to fine her for violating traffic laws in Dubai.

The incident dated back to last November when a police patrol had come across a woman who was riding her electric bike in the wrong direction on a main road.

The officer tried to issue a fine for breaking the traffic law.

One of the victim police officers revealed that they had approached the defendant after witnessing her violation and had requested to see her IDs. The woman furiously denied their request and lost her temper.

The defendant began to verbally assault the officers, who requested a backup of female officers to place the defendant under arrest.

The furious defendant did not comply with the female officers’ orders, and attacked one of the officers when she was being arrested.

Crime-Court  The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Finally, the defendant was detained and charged with assaulting police officers.

The woman is now facing a 3-month jail term, followed by deportation.

Earlier this year, the Dubai Public Prosecution referred a 41-year-old Asian to the criminal court for assaulting a police officer on duty, causing some minor injuries to the officer during the arrest.

The arresting officer witnessed that he was one of the responders to an emergency situation call received by the operations room in Al Rigga, Dubai.

Once officers arrived on the scene, the security guard alerted them that there was a man lying unconscious in the parking lot area.

The witness officer stated that he had found the defendant in an unstable state of mind, holding a garbage can, and had become violent while being under arrest.

The defendant pushed the arresting officer and threw a punch to his face and chest, then tried to flee the scene.

The second officer caught the defendant and controlled the situation, taking him directly to the police station.

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