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UAE sets up ‘one-day Misdemeanour Court’ to fast track minor cases


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Supreme Council of the Federal Judiciary approved the establishment of new federal courts in all courts of law under the name of ‘one-day misdemeanour court’ in order to adjudicate minor misdemeanor cases based on the penal code.

The new court will minimise efforts, reduce financial costs and ensure fast litigation.

Accordingly, Sultan Saeed Al Badi, Minister of Justice, issued Ministerial Resolution No. 704 for 2020 establishing a one-day misdemeanor court in all federal courts of law. These courts will settle more than 50 misdemeanour cases of various types and issue verdicts in one session.

The decision comes as part of the Ministry of Justice’s bid to strengthen efforts to administer justice, consolidate the rule of law and bring the legislative and judicial environment to a higher level in line with the current tremendous development of all economic, scientific and social fields, Al Badi said. This will make Emiratis, residents and visitors happy and reflect positively on the UAE competitiveness in all fields, he added.

The one-day misdemeanor court will be empowered to settle some misdemeanors stipulated in the penal code including strikes, overhearing, deliberately causing inconvenience to others by using wire or wireless communication devices, causing something owned by others to be burnt by mistake and violating the sanctity of a place intended for the burial of the dead, among others.

The one-day misdemeanor court will also look into all misdemeanors indicated in the law of entry and residence of foreigners including the arrival of a foreigner without a travel document or entry permit; illegal entry of foreigners; attempt to bring foreigners into the country illegally; giving a false statement to evade the terms of this law; forging an entry visa or permit; absconding etc.

According to the decision, the one-day misdemeanor court will look into traffic-related crimes including among others changing of number plate data, using a false number plate, giving a false or misguiding statement or refraining from giving any vital information in order to take out a licence. Other cases include among others driving a car under the influence of alcohol or narcotics or without holding a driving licence, using a number plate of another vehicle or unjustifiably refusing to stop when one is involved in a traffic accident.

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