Asian gang lures customers into ‘brothel,’ beats them up and robs Dhs40,000 in Dubai - GulfToday

Asian gang lures customers into ‘brothel,’ beats them up and robs Dhs40,000 in Dubai


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

An Asian gang leader was arrested and referred to the criminal court along with other runaway accomplices for robbing a man of Dhs40,000 and running a brothel.

The incident dates back to last October when a police report was filed by three victims, claiming they were assaulted, robbed of Dhs40,000 and other foreign currencies, then forced to have physical relationships with women at a brothel house run by the defendant.

Official records indicate that the defendant and his accomplices were targeting the victims once they entered an exchange shop to ask about meat markets.

The gang leader took his chance and approached the victims to persuade them about a nearby meat shop with cheaper prices.

Japan-jail-3-750 The photo has been used illustrative purposes.

The three victims believed him and followed his trail towards the alleged meat place, but the victims found that they were being lead to an old house instead.

Once they entered the house, they were surrounded and beaten up by around 10 accomplices, and the money was stolen from them.

The gang leader eventually ordered for the beating to stop, but surprisingly brought out girls and asked the victims to commit indecent acts on camera to be used as a threat for their silence.

The victims were released and threatened with the videos, but nevertheless, they filed a police report against the defendant and his accomplices.

The victims worked together with the police to ambush the defendant, after he said he would return the money in instalments if they agreed to drop the case against him.

The defendant collected Dhs10,000 to return it to the victims, but instead he was ambushed and arrested by police for committing the robbery.

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