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One-year jail term, up to Dhs200,000 fine for inciting hate speech in UAE


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The UAE Public Prosecution on Saturday published a video on its social media accounts to raise awareness on the penalties regarding the possession and distribution of material that incites racial, religious and cultural hatred.

The Public Prosecution warned that the penalty according to Article 12 of Federal Decree-Law No 2 of 2015 on Combatting Discrimination and Hatred, for the "possession and distribution of documents, publications and recordings that provoke hatred" is imprisonment for a period not less than one year, and a fine of no less that Dhs50,000 and not exceeding Dhs200,000.

It added that acquiring or possessing documents, publications, recordings, movies, tapes, discs, software, smart applications, etc that offend religions, incite discrimination or contain hate speech, with the intent to distribute or make accessible to the public, will also be punishable by law.

"The same punishment shall apply to any person who acquires or possesses any means of printing, recording, storage, sound or visual recording devices or other means of publication, broadcasting or promotional materials that are used, with knowledge, in the commission of any of the crimes set forth in the present Federal Decree," it said.

The Public Prosecution added that the UAE is keen to promote a culture of tolerance, and will continue to crackdown on racism and discrimination; including ethnic, religious and cultural discrimination.


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