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Asian worker jailed for attempted murder of colleague over flight ticket


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

A 38-year-old Asian was arrested and referred to criminal court for the attempted murder of his colleague using a knife during an argument over flight ticket in Dubai.

Official records indicate that the victim had received instructions from his company managers to book flight tickets for 22 workers in order to deport them back to their home country.

Accordingly, the victim informed all employees about it.

On the following day, the defendant approached the victim and asked about reasons behind not booking a flight ticket for him.

The defendant claimed that his mother was sick and he needed to see her.

The victim stated that it was not in his hands to make such a decision and that the defendant must pay a visit to the company’s administration department to ask all details.

On the third day, the day of the incident, the defendant was in a hysterical state and informed the victim that his mother had passed away and that he needed a flight ticket booked for him.

When the victim repeated the same words of not being able to help, the defendant left to his room and returned with a knife.

He suddenly attacked the victim with knife and started stabbing him until the victim fell unconscious.

The victim sustained 11 stabs wounds in the stomach and chest.

Other workers who shared the same apartment mmediately interfered and managed to get the angry defendant away from the victim and then called police to report the incident.

The victim was transferred to the nearest hospital to undergo a surgical operation, and is now left with a 10% permanent disability due to the sustained injuries.

Police arrested the defendant and charged him with premeditated murder for the heinous crime he had committed.

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