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VIDEO: Municipalities urged to crack down on crowded bachelor housing in UAE


Sharjah Government officials discuss the eviction operation.

Somaya Saad, Staff Reporter

A number of citizens in several areas of the UAE complained about the lacklustre role of the municipalities in monitoring the housing for single men and women inside residential neighbourhoods, especially in light of the spread of COVID-19.

The cluster of singles crowding flats is considered among the reasons for the rise in the number of people with virus.

They live in proximity to each other and do not abide by preventive measures, which is a concern for all.

Emiratis have demanded that municipalities investigate this in order to preserve the safety of families and limit the number of singles on health grounds.

They also demanded that any owner who leases his property to singles be punished, and that such categories of people not be housed as large groups in buildings with families, as they constitute a nuisance and concern to families.

Al-Khaleej, sister publication of Gulf Today, received many complaints from some families as a result of shared accommodation in most of the emirates, which has become a permanent headache for them.

Moza Al-Ameri said that she complained more than once to the municipality about the crowding of bachelors and spinsters in flats, which causes inconvenience, in addition to the health risks because the majority of them do not adhere to hygiene and that their families are harassed, but the municipality reportedly did not respond.

sharjah-raid-4 Sharjah officials escort bachelors out of a residential compound. File

Adel Abdel-Rahim said that he complained several times about the increasing number of singles in his area, which is considered a negative phenomenon that parents fear for their children. It is a problem that affects all citizens and expatriates.

Hamza Bin Jeddo called for intensive inspections of singles' dormitories due to the presence of violators, and here the danger lies not only for those living in these flats but also for families nearby. It is considered among the reasons for the increase in the number of people with coronavirus.

Ahmed Al-Marzouqi said that our country is the best country in achieving safety and health for all citizens and residents, and therefore the necessary penalties and measures must be taken against violators and those who sub-rent.

Jawaher Al Jasmi called on the municipalities to crack down on some flats with live-in partners, which is one of the most important violations, which feature among some expatriate communities.

sharjah-raid-3 A security team gears up for an operation. File

Umm Muhammad confirms the spread of crimes in residential areas as a result of singles' housing, including prostitution, conducting business without a licence, theft or harassment of children, traffic congestion, the lack of adequate parking spaces for the residents in a legitimate manner, encroachment on private parking spaces, and lack of interest in safety means, which exposes families to risk.

Dr Ali Mashal Al-Mufti in the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai said that mixing between a woman and a man is something that is forbidden by Sharia. Our Arab society does not accept it because of that, and that the issue of mixing is forbidden, unless the situation demands or there is an emergency.

AD building rooftop 2 Poultry cages and broken furniture found on a rooftop in Abu Dhabi.

Even if the person is married, it is not permissible for a man to sit with a woman who is not related.

Dubai Municipality confirmed that it carries out intensive inspection campaigns on accommodation with singles in all regions of the emirate. At the same time it warns owners against renting their homes to single men and women.

The municipality will not stop implementing the laws in force in this regard.

Residents can call the municipality number 800900 to register complaints.

AD building rooftop 1 Litter found on the rooftop of a building in Dubai.

The municipality said that the inspection campaigns revealed many wrongful practices, including the use of one mansion block that includes several families and singles of mixed nationalities, distorting the aesthetic urban appearance due to the lack of necessary maintenance work.

Sharjah Municipality in many areas, such as Nasiriyah, Al Sabkha and Maysloun, began to conduct a comprehensive survey of these areas to evacuate the violators from them, and immediately cut utility services to housing units for violating rules such as random electrical connections.

These campaigns started from Al-Qadisiyah area. It will include all areas of the city of Sharjah and gradually start with the aim of its complete evacuation from those groups.

The campaigns resulted in the evacuation of more than 6,561 violators, including workers and singles, and the immediate cutoff of utility services after the inspectors detected random electrical connections.

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