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Arab student brutally assaulted for winning a video game match in Dubai, 3 arrested


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

Two Arab brothers, aged 20 and 24, along with another runaway accomplice were arrested and referred to criminal court for brutally beating a student after losing a video game match.

Official records indicate that four days before the incident the victim was played a video game called ‘Call of Duty,' against the runaway defendant and was bullied for winning the match.

The next day victim received a call from defendant and began to cruse him, but the victim decided to ignore and hung up the phone instead.

After a ay passed and the victim received a call from the defendant’s brother, who wanted to know about the incident and asked to meet in person.

The victim refused and hung up the call again, saying he doesn't wants to escalate the issue.

On the day of the incident, the third defendant called and claimed to be both the defendants’ brother and asked to meet the victim, and this time the victim agreed to meet and resolve the issue.

As agreed, the victim headed to a parking lot along with two friends and met the first and second defendant.


During the discussion the victim politely asked them not to disturb him with the constant calls and to stop bullying him for winning the video game match.

Once the victim headed back to his vehicle, he was surprised to see many vehicles pulling over with about 20 people, who surrounded him and blocked his way.

The three defendants ganged up and began to beat the victim, then one of them hit him with an object on his right eye.


The victim’s friends tried to defend him and managed to pull him out of the brutal assault and took him to the nearest hospital.


After the medical test it was revealed the the victim has sustained 35% permanent injury in his right eye.

A police report was filed against the three defendants and they are now facing assault charges for the brutal crime they have committed.


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