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Man threatened with toy gun, robbed of Dhs5,000 in Dubai

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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


Three members of an African gang were arrested and referred to criminal court for robbing a European man using a toy gun to terrorise him in Dubai.

Official records indicate that one of the female defendants had lured the victim through Tinder App and allegedly invited him over her apartment for a cup of coffee.

The victim believed he was meeting the fake new friend, and headed to the address given by her without having any doubts.

Once he entered the apartment, he was surprised by a gun put to his back by the male defendant, who threatened to kill the victim if he did not hand over all his money.

The gang robbed the victim of different currencies worth around Dhs5,000, a necklace, credit card, and phone.


The male defendants made sure that European man deletes all the conversation between him and the female defendant in order to hide all evidence.

After completing their robbery, the three defendants asked the victim to leave the apartment, who in his turn immediately left and reported the incident to police.

Police investigation revealed the whereabouts of the defendants, who were later arrested one by one.

They revealed that they used a toy gun to intimidate the victim and rob him.

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