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Duo embezzle Dhs100,000 using fictitious e-mail in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff reporter

Dubai Public Prosecution referred two jobless persons to the Misdemeanor Court, as they managed to embezzle an amount of Dhs100,000 that belonging to a private company, through creating an email address similar to the company name and contacting the company by impersonating its private contracting company, misusing the similarities in the email address which they had created with the intention of misappropriating the mentioned amount of money.

Counselor Dr. Khalid Ali Al Junaibi, Senior Chief Prosecutor-Deira Prosecution revealed details about the case and the conclusion of the investigation procedures; mentioning that the two accused requested for the money transfer from the company to the account of the first accused in one of UAE’s banks.

After the first transfer, another amount was transferred to the second accused’s account in another bank.

During prosecution’s investigation, the victim testified that a letter was received on his company e-mail from an email impersonating the company with which it has prior commercial transactions, as one of the accused managed to know the correspondence’s secrets and misled the complainant intentionally by creating a fake e-mail that is different in one letter from the genuine e-mail.

Without checking the similar characters, the complainant implemented the content of the fictitious letter by depositing a cash amount of Dhs100,000 in the name of the beneficiary; the first accused who then transferred it to the second accused.

Al Junaibi added that the duo committed fraud by using one of the IT means, punishable as per the Federal Penal Code.

Accordingly, the duo accused were referred in absentia to the Court of Misdemeanor & Violations.

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