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VIDEO: Sri Lankan minister eats raw fish to promote sales hit by coronavirus


Dilip Wedaarachchi eats a raw fish at a press conference.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today

Politicians and ministers often resort to gimmicks to realize their demands. But this time, things got a little “stinky.”

A Sri Lankan lawmaker ate a raw fish at a press conference to boost the job market, fish industries and sales hit by the coronavirus. 

Sri Lanka’s major revenue comes from fish and tourism. Both were affected by the pandemic.

The industry received a jolt after a major virus cluster was traced to the Central Fish Market in Colombo.

Dilip Wedaarachchi with a fish in his hand told media that our people who are in the fisheries industry cannot sell their fish. People of this country are not eating fish.

Lanka-fish-1 Dilip Wedaarachchi prepares to eat a raw fish.

Dilip is an opposition lawmaker. He served as fisheries minister until last year.

Dilip’s antics received widespread attention. 

He said, “I am making an appeal to the people of this country to eat this fish. Don’t be afraid. The coronavirus will not infect you. The minister bit a portion of the whole fish amid a media uproar.

Lanka-fish-2 Dilip Wedaarachchi shows off a fish to the media.

The outbreak in congested and market places spiked the infection rate leading the country into a lockdown.

The lockdown left the fish in markets and ports to rot leaving damage worth millions.

Prices plunged as people stopped buying and eating fish due to the scare of the coronavirus.

Fish is a mainstay of the Sri Lankan diet.

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