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Arab man in Dubai threatens to post girlfriend's private photos on Snapchat


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

A 33-year-old Arab man was arrested and referred to criminal court for blackmailing his girlfriend in order to get Dhs10,000 in Dubai.

Official records indicate that the couple were having a quarrel when the angry defendant decided to ask the victim to pay Dhs5,000 for his hotel fees.

When the victim refused to pay, he doubled the amount to Dhs10,000 and threatened to post her private photos on Snapchat if she rejects his demand.

During investigations, the victim testified that she was in a complete shock from the photos he had, as she never sent any private photos to him, except that she remembered that the defendant had previously admitted to hacking her Snapchat account.

However, the victim also stated that on the day of the incident, the defendant had called her and claimed to be on his way to her residence in order to meet up.

The scared victim refused to meet, but the defendant arrived to her residence, drove into the villa’s main entrance and began to bang the door to create a scene.

When the victim called police to report the incident, he left with the warning that he is going to her family’s house.

Police successfully apprehended the defendant after reviewing surveillance cameras and phone conversations as evidence.

The victim decided to move out of her house with her three kids to ensure their safety.


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