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Asian forges documents to seize money from bank in Dubai


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Mohammad Yaseen, Staff Reporter


The Dubai Public Prosecution referred to the Criminal Court a 28-year-old Asian employee on charges of forging official documents and using them to seize money belonging to a bank.


The details of the incident date back to June 2019, when an Asian employee working for the human resources department of a bank resigned from his job, on the pretext that he got a higher salary offer in another institution.


According to the testimony of the head of the fraud department, the suspect was an employee of the Human Resources Department and used to wear the Emirati uniform permanently to pretend to his colleagues that he was a citizen.


After his resign, his personal file was checked, a copy of an Emirati passport was found.


Also, there was a document proving he studied and stayed for a long period in an Asian country.


A copy of an Asian passport of the suspect was also found.


The suspect was arrested and on being interrogated he confessed he forged a copy of an Emirati passport which he attached to his file.


He then resigned to benefit from the additional month pay of the end-service award which is awarded to the Emirati employees.


The court then ordered his imprisonment.

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