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Mother of 5 children demands divorced husband pay Dhs60,000 a month for her wellbeing in Abu Dhabi


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Aya Al-Deeb, Staff Reporter

After her divorce, a woman filed a lawsuit demanding that the father of her five children be obliged to pay Dhs720,000 annually, at a rate of 60,000 per month, as maintenance for the children, rent for the villa with furniture and payment of all services such as electricity, gas and the Internet.

She also demanded the father pay the salary of two maids and a driver and provide a modern car for transportation.

Rabia Abdul Rahman, a lawyer before the Personal Status Department of the First Instance Court in Abu Dhabi, confirmed that the husband, after the divorce, refrained from spending on his children, and he also refused to provide them with housing despite his financial condition.


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She clarified that the man divorced the wife willingly and without her request, confirming her entitlement to the allowance in addition to the waiting period in accordance with Article 140 of the Personal Status Law.

The court asked the ruling to compel the husband to provide a suitable and adequate housing of not less than six rooms, hall, maid's room and driver's room, and furnish it or pay a housing allowance of Dhs200,000 annually and a furniture allowance of Dhs100,000.

The wife should also be paid for the recruitment fees of two maids and a driver and their monthly salaries, with an amount of Dhs100,000 for recreational expenses, and Dhs30,000 for the waiting period.

The first instance court ruled obligating the father to pay the mother a comprehensive allowance for the period of waiting and Dhs20,000 for the five children in custody. He is also to pay the mother an amount of Dhs9,000 once every two years in lieu of bringing in a maid and pay her monthly salary.

He should pay the mother Dhs5,000 a month for the housing allowance.

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