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Asian sentenced to 3 months, fined Dhs5,000 for bribing policeman


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an Asian to three months in jail and fined him Dhs5,000 to be followed by deportation after being convicted of offering a bribe of Dhs3,000 to a policeman in return for giving up the idea of fining him against not wearing the face mask outside his residence during the national disinfection programme.


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According to the policeman’s testimony during the public prosecution investigations, he stopped two Asian man and woman who did not wear face masks and were violating the movement permits in front of a hotel in Dubai.

Asked why they did not abide by the precautionary measures, the defendant told him that they went out for a walk and that the woman who accompanied him worked in a massage centre and came to him for this purpose.

The policeman went on to say that he told the defendant that he had committed an offense of not wearing a face mask and that he was going to issue a fine accordingly. At this point, the defendant offered the policeman Dhs3,000 for not taking any action against him. He took out Dhs2,000 and promised to pay the remaining amount upon his arrival in his apartment.

The policeman referred the defendant to the competent authorities, which issued the above verdict.

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