VIDEO: 29 people caught spitting, throwing waste and sleeping at bus shelters across Dubai - GulfToday

VIDEO: 29 people caught spitting, throwing waste and sleeping at bus shelters across Dubai


RTA officials inspect a bus shelter in Dubai.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) over five the days carried out 1087 inspections of air-conditioned bus shelters across Dubai in coordination with the Dubai Police and Dubai Municipality.

The campaign aimed to spot and eliminate malpractices inside these shelters as well as identifying any faults in the air-conditioning system, screens, doors and others.

“We have coordinated these inspections with the Buildings and Facilities Department at the RTA, Crime Control Department at the Dubai Police, and Waste Department at the Dubai Municipality.

We have carried out about 1087 inspections which resulted in reporting 29 violations such as spitting, throwing waste, eating and drinking, smoking, sleeping, resting feet on seats and others. Such practices distort the gorgeous outlook of the facilities and the image of public transport as a whole,” said Saeed Al Baluchi, Director of Passenger Transport Activities Monitoring, Public Transport Agency, RTA.

“Some individuals involved in those violations had no identity papers and were therefore handed over to the Dubai Police. Others caught distributing promotional flyers at the front of shelters were referred to the Dubai Municipality personnel taking part in the campaign,” he explained.

“These inspections are part of a plan that will be running throughout the year. RTA is coordinating the campaign with relevant government bodies to ensure effective achievement of the campaign’s objective of keeping the public transport facilities intact and ready to serve the public. Therefore, these campaigns will be sustained to ensure the objectives are met,” added Al Baluchi.

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