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VIDEO: Iraqi mother throws her children from a bridge over Tigris River after dispute with divorced husband


A videograb shows the woman at the bridge over Tigris River in Baghdad.

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A video of an Iraqi woman, who threw her two children over a bridge on the Tigris River in central Baghdad on Saturday night, is doing the rounds on social media.

A surveillance camera captured the moment the heinous crime was committed.

The Iraqi security forces arrested the woman and took her into custody. 

It was learned that the woman committed the act due to disagreements with her divorced husband, the father of the two children.

After repeated questioning, the woman confessed to the act, saying that she had done so due to a dispute with her ex-husband and that she wanted to take revenge.

Following an extensive search operation, the security teams were able to locate the bodies of the children.

On Iraqi social media, the devastated father’s video was also doing the rounds. The video clip showed the father at the scene of the crime, crying loudly and inconsolably for his two children, while being assisted by the search and rescue teams. The bodies were later moved to the hospital.


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The incident sparked widespread anger among the users of social networking sites, who’ve also expressed regret for the two children, and commiserated with the father.

On the other hand, Iraq's health ministry said that more than 10,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the country whose threadbare health sector has been battered by the virus.

Iraq has registered more than 413,000 cases, and the total death toll now stands at 10,021, the ministry said.

Neighbouring Iran has recorded around three times as many fatalities, the highest toll in the region.

Baghdad recently lifted restrictions and reopened mosques, shops and cafes but has kept its borders closed to non-residents.

It has also urged citizens not to attend large gatherings.

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