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Initiative supports over 50,000 frontline warriors in UAE


The campaign gives personalised care packs for their exceptional service in combating the spread of COVID-19.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

As the nation and the rest of the world fight the global pandemic, the UAE has taken everything in stride, from medical professionals making the toughest life choices to save lives thereby risking their own, to sanitation workers ensuring the wellbeing of the country, to the rest of the workforce ensuring smooth operations, and finally to all mothers ensuring every precaution to keep the family safe.

To honour such workers on the frontline Britannia and Dole have launched “Thank You Everyday Heroes” as the initiative created to motivate communities and individuals to honour and continue to support all our frontline warriors who are now working even harder to ensure that we get back to the new normal with maximum safety.


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The campaign used social media to encourage people of UAE to be the change and come together to make a difference by following health protocols and take utmost precautions, maintain social distancing, use face masks, avoid gatherings and most importantly take an extra effort to stay healthy as the fight is not yet over.

As a part of the campaign, over 50,000 frontline medical professionals, sanitation workers, delivery boys, RTA personnel, labourers and volunteers received personalised care packs from Britannia and Dole for their exceptional service in combating the spread of COVID-19. This was carried out in collaboration with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), UAE Food Bank, Seha and other government and private entities.

Annu Gupta, CEO of International Business, Britannia Industries Ltd said, “I am sure everyone has experienced the generosity of our heroes and are appreciative of them. While each of us has tried, in our small or big way, to express our gratitude, the fight for them is not yet over.”

Now that everything has opened up and life is trying to return to the new normal, contrary to the popular notion, the work of these unsung heroes hasn’t reduced. If anything it has only become more intense as they try to ensure that we have a ‘safe’ normal. This initiative is nothing but a medium to celebrate their ongoing efforts and to spread the message that while for a lot of us life is getting back, their fight is still on.

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