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Asian worker stabs colleague during a brawl in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter


The Dubai Public Prosecution referred an Asian worker, 29, to the Dubai Criminal Court on charges of attempting to murder his colleague with a knife following a brawl that snowballed into a fight.


The case dates back to January when a brawl erupted between the defendant and the victim that developed into a fight.


A witness stated that he saw the defendant hiding under the staircase of a building before he saw the victim heading towards him.


A brawl erupted that developed into a fight with hands and sticks as a result of which the defendant was injured, the witness said.


“After suffering from injuries and bleeding in the head, the defendant disappeared for some time and was later seen heading to the victim and brandishing a knife, while a number of people were trying to stop him,” the witness added.


“The defendant, however, managed to reach the victim and stabbed him,” witness said.


An ambulance arrived and took the victim to the hospital, while the defendant was handed over to a police patrol.


The defendant confessed to his attempted murder and the court ordered him to be remanded in custody pending prosecution.


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