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Gang in the dock for kidnapping, assault in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

A gang of three Gulf citizens kidnapped a worker, 26, after they impersonated policemen, assaulting him and stealing Dhs80 and his mobile phone. The Dubai Public Prosecution referred the defendants to the Dubai Criminal Court, which started hearing the first session of the case.

The case dates back to August when an Asian filed a complaint stating that his housemate had been kidnapped and that his captors asked for a ransom of Dhs2,500 to let him go.

According to the victim, three Gulf citizens intercepted him while he was wandering around a street and told him that they were detectives. They took Dhs80 from his wallet and his mobile phone before they asked him to pay Dhs5,000 in return for his release. As he refused to do so, the defendants assaulted him and demanded he contact one of his friends to pay a ransom of Dhs2,500 for his friend to be released.

The victim’s colleague stated in the case papers that he had received a call from the victim asking him for a sum of money so that the captors would release him. At the beginning he thought that the victim was joking with him and consequently he told another housemate accordingly and the latter told him that the police would not ask for money.

He immediately told the police and agreed with them that he would talk with his friend to tell him that the money was ready in the specified place.

There, the suspects were all arrested and confessed to the charge levelled against them.

The court ordered that they be remanded in custody pending prosecution.

In another development, the Criminal Court of Dubai on Sunday sentenced an Asian woman to 3 months in prison to be followed by deportation over attempting to kill her roommate.

The details of the case date back to last July, when an Asian woman attacked her roommate with a knife while she was sleeping. The convict reportedly stabbed the victim in the hand and in the stomach.

The victim stated that she was woken up by the accused’s screams and at the same time feeling horrible pains and bleeding from her stomach and hand. She was scared at seeing her roommate holding a knife and her mother rushing to catch her, the victim added.

According to the testimony of a policeman, the convict confessed to attempting to kill the victim while sleeping with a knife, which she got from the kitchen of the house.

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