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VIDEO: UAE issues warning against forging, counterfeiting currency


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The UAE Public Prosecution has warned the public against forging currency, emphasising that this is a crime punishable by law.


In a video clip published on Tuesday on its social media platforms, the Federal Public Prosecution said that any person, who forges, counterfeits or falsifies in any way, either in person or through an intermediary, a banknote or coin in circulation in the State or in any other county, or a government security, shall be sentenced to life or temporary imprisonment and a fine not less than two hundred thousand dirhams.


Counterfeiting of coins includes any reducing in the metal thereof or by coating with a dye in a way which makes it similar to other higher-value currency. A coin currency shall be considered falsified if any of its metal is diminished or if it has been coated with paint so as to make it similar to another more valuable currency, according to Article 204 of the UAE Penal Code.


The video clip comes as part of the public prosecution’s social media campaign launched to promote the legal culture among community members, enhance the public awareness on the UAE’s laws and adopt the culture of law as a way of life, thus to reducing the violations resulting from ignorance of the law.


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